“helping parents of kids with special needs experience successful and fulfilling marriages”
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Let’s face it. Being married is not easy…for anyone. Two people, each with their own backgrounds and experiences, likes and dislikes, expectations and dreams, making a lifelong commitment to each other. Most of us said “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health” … banking, as young people do, that the “or’s” will never happen to us. But that’s not how life goes.

Life is different for everyone, but similar as well.  Typically it is “hard” vs. “easy”, but that doesn’t mean “bad” vs. “good”.  It comes down to how we define those words.  And this is especially true when you are the parent of a child with special needs.  

The loss of a dream. The grief for yourself and for your child. The question (or more accurately, the wish) will this ever end? Will it get better? The thoughts you have in isolated moments that no one knows but you. The financial pressures. The short temper. The conflicts over intimacy, communication, the other kids. The constant meetings. The endless forms. The stream of information. The frustration over the lack of appreciation by the one who you are
doing all this for.

Been there?

You are not alone. It’s normal. And it’s OK.

The important thing is not whether you experience these thoughts/feelings/issues, what matters is what you do with them. There are few things that cause as much anxiety, worry, and feelings of self-preservation than facing these kinds of issues and not knowing what to do. Let’s face it. Our knee jerk reactions, and “going with our gut,” in these situations usually just makes matters more difficult.

It doesn’t have to be like that. There is a road map. Not a magic bullet. Not an instant solution, but principles that bring clarity, direction, and a path to resolution.

Tangled House exists for one reason.  To help marriages as they navigate the difficult waters of having a child with special needs without it driving them apart.  It is possible, but it takes some fundamental principles, appropriate expectations, and an accurate vision. 
Instead of becoming a statistic, they can be models instead.
As we grow, we want to bring as much encouragement and practical help as we can.  With recommendations, resources, stories, and a number of live events, Tangled House is committed to do what we can to help these couples experience healthy marriages and families.

We exist to encourage and support couples who have children with special needs by equipping them with practical marriage principles which empower them to succeed as a healthy family.

Our planned programs include:

Marriage Seminars

Seminars will be held nationwide as we serve individuals and partner with organizations.  Through these seminars, couples will be equipped with the principles for having a healthy and successful marriage considering the unique set of challenges they face and the pressures that accompany a child with special needs. 

Marriage Coaching

Through these coaching groups, couples will have follow-up help in understanding and applying the principles for having a healthy and successful marriage.

Men’s Coaching

The men leading these families need vision, encouragement, and practical advice to stay engaged with their responsibilities and experience the plan that God has chosen for them.   

Resource Connection

tangledhouse.com will host or link to information on resources available for couples with children with special needs.  The better resourced the family is in caring for their child, the better the chance for success in their marriage.

Online Education

tangledhouse.com will be designed to resource couples that have children with special needs.  This may include articles, videos, webinars, blogs, or interactive training specific to their needs.

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